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It’s that time of year again! Nope, I’m not talking about spring or summer. The end of school, you ask? Nope. Here’s a hint – Teddy Roosevelt, Sherriff Bear, horses, and of course…elk.  That’s right – Medora! For the last 7 years, I’ve teamed up with Sandy Tipping to create orchestrated tracks for portions of Medora, North Dakota’s premiere outdoor entertainment show. As has been our procedure for the last few years, Sandy and I talk off and on about the show for weeks, even months. But, he waits as long as he can to actually send me charts and tracks, and then I write like mad for two days prior to the session. Okay, it may not sound all that appealing, but it seems to work for us. It’s usually not really all that stressful, unless of course your printer goes berserk the night before the session and you almost run out of paper too. Yes, that happened.

But you know what’s not stressful? Our tracking date at Westpark Studios in Franklin, TN.  Tom Reeves welcomes us in and we use just about every inch of space for a day.  Let me set the stage for you: Strings are in the main room/various Woodwinds are someplace else/the Woodwind players leave as soon as Piccolo overdubs are mentioned/all types of Brass players show up, sometimes different players for different styles!/Sandy and I chit-chat thru the entire tracking process/a lot of Animal Crackers are eaten.  But, at the end of the day, Tom has a smile on his face and says, “thanks for the call, see you next year.”  Next time you need a studio with a relaxed vibe, great work environment, and plenty of animal crackers, give them a call! http://www.westparkcreative.com/

So, next time you’re up in North Dakota, stop by Medora and check out the show. And please remember, it wasn’t my idea to call the song “Sherriff Bear, Shake it for Me.”



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